Friday, July 6, 2012

Final resolution (till now)

Recently i was reading "The Alchemist" by Paolo Coelho.
(milah, i read it when you were not at home..sorry not to tell you...)
Just  finishing the introduction part je pun. haha
I just kinda interested at how Paolo Coelho responded when people ask him how can "The Alchemist" hit a big success.
He answer : "I don’t know. All I know is that, like 'Santiago the shepherd boy', we all need to be aware of our personal calling. What is a personal calling? It’s a God blessing, it is the path of God chose for you here on Earth…"
So what is the path that God had chose for me I wonder?
To be frank, all of us don’t know that right?
Either to use all our potential at the right place and time, or either to improve our-selves weaknesses?
Or maybe it’s both?
But later, Paolo Coelho continued his writing saying it’s about to follow our dream. Doing something that enthutiasm to ourselves.
 Is it the right answer?
Just following my dream is a path that God had chose for me?
Sebagai seorang muslim, kita sedar bahawa hidup di dunia ini hanya sementara. 
Kehidupan akhirat akan menyusul selepas kemusnahan dunia ini.
Bekalan untuk akhirat wajib disediakan 
namun tugas dan tanggungjawab di dunia tidak patut diabaikan.
Being a muslim is about to be an excellent human being either in the world or hereafter.
We maybe can’t  100% control our fates in the world, being almost everything is about luck and genetically given. 
Yet, for the next world, it is almost 100% of we that going to determined it. 
To be success or to be hell. It’s up to our effort and perseverance.
(melainkan ALLAH berkehendak kepada yang lain..)

What I think is, my life in this world is about to finishing the task that ALLAH had instruct me to do.
So, that will be my dream from now on!
The best Hamba and daie.
To be both means I have to use all my potentials, talents and abilities,
and at the same time to improve all the weaknesses I have that hinder my path to achieve my dreams.
I write this so I will not forget it even for the next 10 or 100 years. (kalau panjang umur~)
This writing will be my reminder for not wasting time to unrelated useless meaningless things and thoughts and actions.
This is my resolution.
This is my resolution.
This is my resolution.
May ALLAH help me in my journey biiznillah.

p/s - good mood constructed. finally i got my resolution. hehe i feel good after a long night sleep. the headache had disappear. now it's about to create a good life time dunia dan akhirat~
oo by the way, my ambition back then was to become a chemist. hehe apa beza chemist dengan alchemist eh?



somehow i need a helping hand to force me out 
from my underwater world.
the suffocating world.
i hardly breathing.
but stubbornly i keep myself in.
i just can't.
i don't know how to get out.
i am blank and absent minded.
when i was thinking of stepping out,
i was actually sucked deeper inside.
by the time
the exit seems fade away.
i'm stuck with my heart attached strongly
to the unrequited love.
i tried before to release it
but failed.
SOS asap isn't a kind of food.
it is a signal.
for those who have way to help me.
please, i beg you.
just please pat me on my back.
just this once.
and tell me a soothing word.
tell me a relaxing phrase.
share with me a tempting advice.
so i can breath normally.
make me cry.
make me free.
be my oxygen
and get me out from this miserable world.

so close, yet so far.

37 : 40-61

p/s - good mood under construction.
this is what we call odd mood.
feel free to keep a look to another entries okay?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Memang tak dapat menahan untuk meng'update' ini blog..hehe
Harapnya entry ini tidak terlampau lambat untuk ditujukan kepada medical student tahun 5 Universiti kaherah 2012 yang sedang dalam fatrah bertungkus lumus untuk peperiksaan akhir tahun ( haha skema ) subjek Paediatrics..
Just wanna share the inspired thinking that kept me revising the books of Paediatrics although i'm really not into it.. * big smile :)
hiasan je okey.
Dulu-dulu pernah ambil kelas tafsir dengan Ustazah Jihad.. ( really missing her a looottt~).
Ambil juzuk 30 tapi berhenti sekerat jalan.
Ongkos tak cukup, plus konon2 extra sibuk tahun ni..
Tapi insyaALLAH jika diberi kelapangan rezeki dan masa, memang teringin sangat nak sambung.
Ok, enough here. Let's proceed..
Abasa : 33 -37
We'll quickly go through this piece.
" Maka apabila datang suara yang memekakkan, pada hari itu manusia lari dari saudaranya, dan dari ibu bapanya, dan dari isteri dan anak-anaknya.."
Dari kitab tafsir "Sofwatut-tafasiir" dan juga dari penerangan ustazah, susunan saudara -ibubapa- isteri/suami - anak2 adalah mengikut dari yang kurang sayang kepada yang paling sayang.
Ustazah share kat sini, yang walaupun ustazah memang sayang sangat Ustaz Mahmud (suami beliau), tapi sayang Ustazah kepada khadijah (anak perempuannya), adalah lebih-lebih lagi.. :)
Dan susunan ini sebenarnya apply to all human being la lebih kurang.
Jadi, disebabkan this piece of informationlah yang membuatkan saya sangat merajinkan diri membaca buku2 kanak-kanak walaupun saya tak minat sangat.
I don't want to play with someone who is the most precious person to someone else's life.
And precious to me also.
So, rule to be applied here para doktor sekalian,
Jika anda tidak mahu sesuatu yang buruk terjadi kepada anak anda disebabkan salah pihak pengurusan hospital dan staff-staffnya, don't do it to others. 
I warn you for the sake of my children too.hehe
Study well.
Work well.
studying this little creature.fuuuhhh~

p/s - laptop black out. tension. still kene study untuk Paeds MCQ... really doing bad in managing stress. "ujian di titik kelemahan"
- Rojak itu sedap dimakan.